Everything you need to know about running In-App Retargeting campaigns in a small convenient guide.

98% of those who install an app never make a first purchase.

Once only an afterthought, In-App Retargeting has become an essential tool for the app marketer.

User Acquisition Manager at Backflip Studios

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Greg McQueen

Megha Mehra

“Retargeting gives us the opportunity to bring back valuable players, which usually have a much larger O-factor, than a standard user."

"User acquisition without retargeting is ineffective, all those acquisition $$$ would be wasted with no retargeting efforts.”

The book covers everything you need to know in order to leverage programmatic in-app retargeting, from basics to campaign execution best practices, this guide will help you better understand how to boost your ROAS:

Programmatic Retargeting Basics: Explains terminology and the role of the players of the mobile ecosystem. 

Attribution Models: Compares the different types of attribution, detailing how to use them, pros & cons. 

Retargeting Campaign Execution: An overview of the different stages of a campaign such as data collection, segmentation, creatives, deep linking strategies and best practices.

Driving more activity from your app users.

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