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"Aggregated attribution, optimization, and ethical machine learning methods with no user-level data are here to stay. Now is the time to proactively work together to build a more sustainable and user-centric industry."
"Start thinking about how your UA is going to look like the day after IDFA goes away and what your dashboard is going to look like."
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User privacy and transparency are at the core of what we do. No matter how disruptive iOS 14 may be, we see this initiative as a step forward towards a safer digital environment. 

Our comprehensive guide covers the top FAQs to help marketers get ready for the changes in IDFA:

  • What's changing in iOS 14?
  • How will iOS 14 impact your User Acquisition and App Retargeting campaigns?
  • What's the impact on performance?
  • What do you need to prepare your app for iOS 14?

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As we get closer to the implementation of the iOS 14 privacy changes, the testing and adoption of SKAdNetwork becomes more urgent for marketers looking to remain in control of their investments in the post-IDFA era. 

Jampp's iOS 14 Guide

Find the latest updates on marketing apps for the post IDFA world.

Jampp created an app to test SKAdNetwork

Jampp created an app
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